How Titan Specialty Airless Guns Revolutionise Professional Painting

Titan, a pioneer in spray technology, produces and distributes a complete range of professional-grade sprayers for coating application. Airless and air-powered paint sprayers, fine-finishing sprayers, roofing, texturing, corrosion-control, insulation, protective coatings, and line-striping sprayers for asphalt and sports fields are just a few of Titan’s offerings. Contractors and maintenance specialists have depended on Titan products for superior, user-friendly end-to-end solutions for almost fifty years.

Sprayer Qualities

Since Titan first entered the market in 1974, performance, quality, and value have been the cornerstones of everything we have done. Every tool they have created is intended to improve painting performance without requiring more time or effort from the user. They are innovative in practice. They are not in the business of making the newest, not the best trends or selling ostentatious devices. For the best quality paint, choose the Titan specialty airless guns.

They have led the paint sprayer industry for more than 40 years, and during that time they have brought several firsts to the market. But which is most crucial to us? being the first to assist painters who are in need. You can always rely on our robust customer service team to complete tasks on time and accurately. Results are guaranteed with Titan Tool, regardless matter the task. Being caught red-handed in this industry does not constitute a crime.

Use Wisely For a Longer Area

With its portability and durability, the Impact series electric airless paint sprayers dominate both single rooms and whole industrial facilities, making them an indispensable tool for professional painters. This is why Impact electric sprayers are so important:

  • Superior durability and portability
  • A cylinder that never ages or requires maintenance
  • Packaging that adapts and compensates on its own for a longer lifespan and consistently optimal performance
  • Available on the 640 and 840 models, the DigiTrac display offers enhanced diagnostics, a resettable gallon and run-time meter, and settable operating pressure readings.
  • With the touch of a button, AutoOiler will transfer oil from the reservoir to the packing.

Choose the Right Sprayer 

Selecting the proper airless paint sprayer tip has a big impact on how well your sprayer works, how well the finish turns out, and how successful the project is. In addition to controlling the paint flow rate and spray pattern width, they are crucial since they ultimately decide how hard the pump should work while spraying. Make careful to select your spray tips carefully, since these are the brains of the operation.

Choosing the right tip size is just one of many factors that go into that choice, along with knowing the application and kind of coating you’ll be spraying. Therefore, learning how to interpret tip sizes is a wonderful place to start.

Use Titan Tool To Spray Wisely

With the unrivaled strength, velocity, and control of a Titan airless paint sprayer—which are further enhanced when combined with our selection of clever, user-friendly accessories—you can maximize any task. Titan is the only option for businesses looking for the best return on investment and committed support available, all thanks to its built-for-durability design. Before choosing the paint search for what is the best Titan gun.

The Benefits of Sprayers Without Air

Coatings may be applied quickly and affordably with the help of airless sprayers.

Airless sprayers are preferred by professional contractors for several reasons, the most common of which are:

• Speed

Since airless spraying is quicker, more jobs can be finished with fewer workers in less time. Rolling or brushing takes up to ten times longer than airless spraying.

• Quality

Airless sprayers leave a consistent, excellent finish by applying an even layer of paint to a variety of surfaces.

• Versatility

Airless sprayers are lightweight and portable, making them suitable for a variety of coating materials on both interior and exterior surfaces.

Spray Without Air to Get Even Coverage

It is crucial to take into account how much faster spraying is in comparison to other techniques. The fact that spraying produces a consistently high-quality finish, especially on uneven surfaces, is equally significant to your customer.

Using airless spraying enables you to 

• Apply a smooth, high-quality finish

• Finish projects more quickly 

• Complete more jobs with less labor (fewer headaches for people) 

• Provide a constant mil build so coatings work better

Spray Tip

Vary the size of the opening to regulate the amount of fluid sprayed.

The spray pattern is determined by the form of the orifice.

• To clear clogs, you can manually turn a lot of Graco tips to the opposite position.

The pump is powered by a powerful mechanism called the motor and drive system.

Utilized to control the fluid pressure that the pump delivers, pressure control


Also known as the Fluid Section, this section uses a hose to send a continuous stream of high-pressure fluid to the spray cannon.

The gun functions as the material’s on/off valve.


The effectiveness of your airless paint sprayer, the standard of the finish, and the outcome of the project are all significantly impacted by the tip you select. They’re critical since they set the final spray pattern breadth and paint flow rate as well as the pump’s operating pressure. Spray tips are the brains of the operation, so pick them carefully.

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